Nearly everyone loves cosmetics, and thus, if you venture into the business of selling them online, you rest assured of making a kill out of them.  With the advent of the internet, online cosmetics business opportunities have become rampant with sellers using it to reach the broader market. One can sell cosmetics online through their blogs and websites as today; there are millions of Cosmetics website templates that one can choose and create an appealing site and set up their e-commerce store there. However, if you are not yet ready to build one, you still have the option thanks to many platforms that you can upload your listings there and sell conveniently to a broader market. Here are few sites to try out.


Sell cosmetics from home through this site which apart from it being trusted; it gives you a PayPal guarantee option whenever your cosmetics sell. This website stands out also because it not only accepts high-end cosmetics but also if your business deals with drugstore favorites. It prompts one to register for free, after which you will be asked to create your store there and list your products alongside their prices. The site will retain only a paltry 10% of the profit whenever any of your products sell.


The list would obviously not be complete without the mention of eBay. Here, the cosmetics seller is required to sign up for free then upload their content alongside the price tag of each. Many small business people have made decent sales from the site, and the trick here is to write a compelling product review. You have to pay a low monthly storage fee and also a small percentage when your product sells.


This is also among the best sites to sell only new makeup and clothes. The website has an app which they use to monitor your marketing strategies. Despite the turbulent online world, this site has established itself with a great impressive reputation. They need you to download the Poshmark app to your iPhones and Android devices, then upload photos of your cosmetics and advertise them on social media.  This site keeps a flat rate of only $2.95 for all sales below or equal to $15, and 20% for all orders exceeding $15.


This site allows anyone to sell anything on their platform. All you need to do is take photos of your product, upload it and start promoting it. You have to write a brief but precise review of your product alongside other details. You may consider using this site to sell cosmetics online.


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